Lets PLAY ! :D

LEGO stuff
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the octopus made by : Rangga

 or my cute cards

ow,i got a friendship award from Riesta .
thankiiess :)

 Lets plaay.. yaiiyy..! :D
just wanna share to you all the readers, if you got a stuck in your room or nothing to do and too lazy for playing outside ( or even when you dont have money.lol ) you can play all the thing like i did ;)
i love to play Lego ( those picture token when i played with my classmates ) and really love to play that with my little brother too when at home ( despite he just messy it all around cause he's only 1,9 yo ) . and sorry for my annoying face in first picture just wanna show an elephant and a duck made by me and a onk.
and the story about cards, many kind of card i can play, i like UNO, poker ,etc
so.. what game do you like ? tell me x)


  1. hmmm i preffer to play PS hehehh.... nice to know u

  2. say, dari tadi udah komen kayanya ga masuk2 deh :(

    btw, seru yaaa maen lego gitu, mengasah kreatifitas :D

  3. awww lucu bgt lego nya, hehe. btw thx 4 dropping by yaa. :)

  4. the octopus keren tuh pit!


thanks for stopping by and i really appreciated :D