I Love Reunion :D

helloooooo everyyyyoneeee, nice to see you around my blog again. it's been a year (lebay) since my last post.miss you miss u mittu mittu hehehe
Last monday i went with my two bestfriend from high school.Denice and Irma, they both are working and also a college student like me , denice is a caddy and irma is a makeup artist, we went to Sency for lunch for celebrate denice's b'day and watched movie 'Bangkok Traffic(Love) Story' at Blitzmegaplex , Grand Indonesia and it was awesome!! uber kewl and you should go watch that movie with your friends cause lot's of fun, it is romantic comedy movie, the actor was handsome guy but the actress was average, it's okay cause when you see the actor ( oh i forgot his name, u know, asian named is'nt easy to remembered and i am too lazy to google it :p ) even his voice sounds like 'burung kecekek' ,ewhhh . i don't even know why thailand people voices sound like that way. weardo! and in the end of that day i went to denice apartment in Kuningan, it was my first time stayed with her in her room and we were going crazy with snacks (regreted,huh) but totall i had a fun sunday . thanks god :)
ohya, now i'm in the middle of my mid exam and this friday will be the last day i hope the result not decrease.after thaatt, me and my classmates are planning to going to thousand island,south Jakarta. i hope (hope hope really hope) my daddy will ok-ing me to join this holiday with my classmates.( actually i will say about this holiday thingy on saturday , i hope my daddy will understand me cause i need holidaaaaayy ).

 i can't get the best quality picture of thousand island because my internet connections , poor me :(


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