Pesta Blogger + 2010

This is my first time to attend a Pesta Blogger + 2010 at Epicentrum Walk, i'm not only a participant but also one of the volunteers. Me , aong, rangga, willy, juki and tanto and my officemates are volunteers who joined this event because of our lecture Mr.Akbar . We felt so lucky because many of volunteer applicants are rejected. Too many story i can tell to you guys, but the most interesting one is i met maybe around 12 girls from London School PR, one of them i remember her name is Livia asked me to take a picture with her, i was shocked at the moment , i thought i'm asked to be her photographer to take her picture with her friends. i'm wrong. i feel extremely happy , here they are :D . .

Ellen from  fashiondaily spread
there are Pricyll , Vania and many more, they are lovely girls. hope we can arrange a plan to meet again :D
these photo are me and some committe and volunteers, they are blogger too and really nice people,
Kak Shinta, kak Rara, Aca, Mba Nena, Nuh etc etc . i love how the main committe colaborate with volunteers. And i like #pb2010 concept, to make breakout session with super inspiring classes, the participants may choose the classes they want.
Rangga is the luckiest man in this event because he got Nokia X5 just because answered the question from #startup lokal class, actually in this event not only Nokia, but also Netbook Acer, Acer Liquid E, IPhone 4 and Ipad as a gifts.

well okay, enough, my english become worst :))
ps : i'm feel comfortable when wearing this Jade Buckle Wedges by June Pasky from June + Julia ALL DAY LONG ! really :D



  1. wah seru kak acaranya,, aku ga tau ada acara ini.. kalo taun depan aku mau jadi volunteer juga bisa ga kak? hhi

  2. Jealous, wish i can be there
    Seru keliatannya

  3. it seems like the pesta blogger was a successful event !

    you look like u had a great time !

    glisters and blisters

  4. wah udah diposting juga hihi iya ga apa mbak, repot juga kan kalo panitia bawa2 kamera :)
    taun depan semoga kita bertemu lagi di pesta blogger, hihihi

  5. hope we meet again on next event! nice to meet u


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