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First time i started this blog i was thingking about learning english, and show to the world about what i love and what i want to share. But when i looking back to all my post, too bad that i missed a lot of moment that i've been through in my life.

Back in 2011 i had a difficulties and too many thought that come into my mind. I was afraid about showing my personality. I had a moment that i hate looking at my blog. In 2012, i realized that i have to be more active.

When i have a lot of things to tell, i also have a lot of things to think about it. Back then i was trying so hard to became other person, now i really want to show my real personality here in my own blog.

This month i have resign from my previous job as marketing communication. I love being there, i love all my office mates because they also become my close friends. But the thing is my dad against me to work at Jakarta because he miss his only daughter and we fight a lot for this. (my family lives at Serang, Banten)

So i resign and now i've spend a lot of time with my mom and i'm very thankful because we become very close and open. Once i had a bad time with her, i'm trying to speak what in my mind and we cry together. We are not that kind of romantic person so it was awkward when i'm telling her that i love her i want her to understand me this and that blabla.. but i relieved that now our hearts are open.

I've been a freelance content writer for about 8 months and i've learn about many things esp fashion industry, lifestyle and suddenly i realized i've become very creative to add a content. And my dad approves me for doing this job because i can writing freely at home and he have a time to see me alive savely at home.

I enjoy what i've been doing now, enjoying my free time with my little brother, mom and dad at home. I hope 2013 i can be a better version of me and write a lot here in my blog. :)


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