Fitri's Highlight 2012

Here is my Highlight in 2012:

In Jan to May, finally i finish a project with Gantibaju.com team to organize Nirmana Award. I feel so proud with our team, and it was an honour to know so many medias and had a lot of experience. Learn so many things that i couldn't get in school.

In May, I finish my thesis and graduated from Gunadarma University. It was sad because i can't graduate with all my close friends because they already did it 6 months before.

Also in May, i started to work as freelance writer. This is because i'm interested with KPOP and Korean Entertainment Industry so kinda waste if i'm not sharing the news with others but at the same time i got paid :D
Worked as a writer is a new thing for me, so i have to learn more. Since i started this job and i got more money, i really proud i can share my happiness with mom, brother, i also bought my very first concert ticket and my iPhone. Yay!

In September, i had reunion with my friends in elementary school. I'm so happy to met them at Intan's wedding. Some of them will be married in 2013 and we will reunite, thanks to technology now we have a facebook group so we can keep in touch.

In October, this month is the happiest month for the whole year because finally i got a chance to watch my boys BIGBANG in Jakarta. I was lucky to experience such a thing. They debuted in 2006, i recognized them in 2007 but felt in love in 2009. Thanks to Udit for your little help and now i love BIGBANG even more ^^

Also in Oct, i went to Bali. Yeaay! I'm not alone going there but because some reasons i end up went there with a stranger..,haha. Me and Dede (her nickname) don't know each other until the day we met at bus station. I only chat with her through What'sapp and i didn't know her in person. Luckily, she is a nice person and very friendly. I enjoyed my short-trip in Bali with her. Thank you Dede and i never ever forget how beautiful Bali was, watched Kecak Dance and rode a motorcycle to Dreamland.

Allah has been so kind to me this year because he gave me healthy body, lovely friends around me and family. So many things happened to me in 2012, i feel so grateful, Alhamdulillah thank you Allah. I can proud of my self  now because many things happened to me because i WANT it happen. So i hope 2013 i have more and more experience and be a better me. Hope you enjoy your new years eve with friends or family.

Happy New Year! ^^~


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