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video blog :)

helloooooo youu girls, look at my blog, dusty huh? hahaha . So, i was shocked by one of my follower who dropped some shocked comment, criticize, etc etc, but thankyou so much i really appreciated for all words that you wrote in your blog, what ever it was , i read it, no offense :)
and .. and .. and, have you play that my 1st video blog? silly rite, suddenly after recorded i realized that me even not a camera-genic hahaha
when you meet your Rock-Star, what will you do ? my answer is just simple "SPEECHLESS" dang! that what i did to Mba Ollie an entrepreneur, a writer and thanks to her for gave an invitation to this event . I've been knowing about her from Facebook random friends, yeah you know when 2007 facebook not too popular as it is, i was adding some people using college connection  and i found her profile :) time after time (tsaah bahasa gue tua amit !) i read he blog @ http://salsabeela.com then the more i admire her

it was really nice to meet kak Heidy Kalalo there while she's became a fashion reporter . she was cute and friendly :)

fika ;)

blazer - gift from mom, flower dress - bali, tight - Centro, flats - Wondershoe
i got 52 followers anyway, thankyou so much ! i still learn about how to wear something but also describe my own personality, if you like it ,i'll be happy :) 
have a nice day fellas !


  1. cute vids..
    love ur glasses

    visit mine,

  2. iya samasama kak :D Ohh aku juga punya flower dress kayak gitu , but I dont know how to mix it . hahaha
    love your shoes :D

    cheers from Breakfast With Tea

  3. hey you look pretty wearing the veil!

    followed your blog!

  4. wooo the dress is just at perfect length! you look good! emang kamu terima comment apa dari follower mu fit?

  5. nice post and outfit :)


  6. aiiih..you look soo pretty in that dress :)
    pake jilbabnya juga rapi banget,,aku biasanya pasti berantakan deh yang diatas ciputnya itu..hahaha

  7. cute!
    thanks for visiting my blog ;)


  8. hello dear, thanks for the comment
    you look so cute with that dress ;)
    feel free to follow/link/visit.

  9. congrats for the followers :)
    i liked the video !

  10. wow, i love your dress, ka fitri! your silver flats are also amazing ;) looks like you had a fun day!

    Castor Pollux

  11. thankyou
    nice blazer :)
    wanna xchange link & follow back ?
    come check my new post !


thanks for stopping by and i really appreciated :D