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yaiy or nayy??

t-shirt : Gantibaju.com
stripes skirt & belt : Nyla

batik shirt : gift
acid skirt : Mitchibelle
shoes : wondershoe
satchel bag : mayonette
stripes t-shirt : secondhand
tulle skirt : DIY 
shoes : custom made

hai girls, please say anything about my daily outfit, i'm really open about critics, even it is about my english writing. say it at my comment box :)
and about stripes, my closet almost filled with stripes accidentally.
have a nice weekend ^-^


  1. it's a little weird to combine batik with lenin skirt for me, hahahaha..... forget it! you're just so beautifull with the 1st suit

  2. whoever you are, thankyou .
    i'll try to mix and match batik better, later :D

  3. cara bikin tulle skirtnya gimanaa? tutorial doonk :D

    btw baju batiknya dibuat outerwear keren juga kayaknya... bisa pake daleman dress B-)

    ayooo sering2 post daily style hehe

  4. tulle skirtnya lucu, fit. itu jahit sendiri?
    i like your third outfit.
    iya alhamdulillah udah membaik sekarang. makasi doanya ya fit..

  5. hi dear thank you for visiting my blog, salam kenal :)
    btw stripes skirtnya lucu deh sayang kepotong gambarnyaa hehe tapi aku sukaa hehe
    oiya aku bukan sodaranya pak tif sembiring hahaha cuma kita sama marga aja, kan sm2 org Medan :D

  6. adore your peep-toes kak fitri!
    nice outfit!

    Castor Pollux


thanks for stopping by and i really appreciated :D